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Monday, April 24, 2006
I Am From
I am from country roads that lead to city streets , from Lysol sprays in the kitchen and antibacterial soaps on the sinks.

I am from the hills of the bluegrass in the heart of the country. Where muggy summer nights are spent capturing lightning bugs and stealing extra youth and cold winter‘s evenings are spent curled up by fireplaces.

I am from the goldenrods and the coal and the laurels that rest on the mountains overlooking the seven states, the Pennyrile and land that stretches as far as the mighty Mississippi.

I am from gardeners and green thumbs and doers and procrastinators, from leaders and dreamers. I am from hard workers and dads that stayed home with the children. I am from Bobby and Vickie, Bob and Gladys, Junior and Irma. I am from the Coal Miner’s Daughters and the Country Outlaws.

I am from the all for one mentality and the never lose sight of where you came from kind.
From keeping your friends close and you enemies even closer.

I am from the Baptist and the Pentecostals. From the homespun religion. From the bible and speaking in tongues. Do unto others. Work hard. From the gospel music at funeral wakes. I am from the “how great thou arts” and the “peace in the valleys“.

I'm from the western coal fields and the mountains of Appalachia and the Burroughs of New York City. I’m from the soul of the state but I’m a citizen of the world. From the Irish and the German.

I am from rows and rows of tomatoes served juicy with course salt. From cornbread and buttermilk and chili even in the summertime. I am from the real Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I am from the grandmothers who patted your back and stroked your hair. And the grandmothers who told you stories about their childhood. The papaw who always asked for you to come squeeze paw paw‘s neck before you left and the memories of another time. So long ago, when The Judd‘s said “love could build a bridge” and family members didn‘t disappear.

I am from 35mm and Polaroid’s. I’m from boxes of photos with yellowing edges and newspaper clippings. Old magazines and Elvis Shirts still wrapped in plastic. I am from computers with files and files of family pictures. I am from memories not captured on film.

Monday, April 17, 2006
All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!
Ahh Easter. The day all the people who don't attend church the rest of the year show up for the early morning services. I'm surprised we didn't see large numbers of churches go up in flames yesterday from all the blasphemy. You know what, in my house we don't go to church the other 364 days out of the year so we sure as hell ain't going on Easter.

We did celebrate by getting big fat Easter baskets full of candy and presents. And the evening before we watched Charleton Heston play Moses, like all good Christians should. Okay maybe not. But, I've said it before and I'll say it parent's utilize the television in their parenting technique. Want to know about the bible?? Watch a movie about it. I finally realized that The Ten Commandments movie really doesn't have much to do with Easter. I asked my Mom why they show it. She said it was the only good bible movie back then and it's stuck. Ahh, the insight.

I actually read the bible too. My mom screamed at me for backtalking her and I quote, "telling her what to do all the time" so my Dad broke us up and made me read Chapter 20 of some book to Jonathan. It's the part where Jesus is resurrected. You know, I could probably enjoy the bible if it was in easier language. But, Dad refuses to own anything but the King James Version. So...whatever.

I wonder sometimes about my faith though. I believe. But, yet I feel like I don't have religion. You can't find a church that doesn't judge or gossip or isn't full of hypocrites anymore. I don't need a church that tells me to vote for GWB. And I have a hard time finding a place where I actually feel something. I have to be moved to enjoy it. We are talking goosebumps and hairs standing up on the back of my neck...moved. Actually, I know where I'd fit in and enjoy going to church at...I've always wanted to go to a black church. I know I'd like it there.

Friday, April 14, 2006
Killer Bees, Like My Girl the Movie
I have bees on the front porch. My lovely little balcony sanctuary that I spoke so highly of in the last blog has been overrun by giant bees. These things are huge and there are like 5 of them. I have a tendency to run screaming in the opposite direction of bees and so I can't go on the porch till after dark. Because they run off to sleep somewhere, or eat someone, cause these things have to be killers. I'm thinking that if you were stung by all 5 of them, even if you didn't have bee allergies, you'd die anyway. They are that fucking huge. I thought about calling FixIt, the general handy men type thing for UK. But, what do I say, "uhh, yeah...I've got bees"? I know when they'd get here the damn things would go into hiding. FixIt will look at me like I've sprouted 2 crazy lady heads and I'll feel like a fool. My mom calls me, asks if I've been sitting on the know, with the chair they gave me...and I say "no, I've got bees, killer bees, huge things on my porch." Dad, I swear, in the background says, "Well don't you have some spray to kill them with?" Uhh, where'd I get the spray. I'm too cheap for bug killer. And if I did have some, you think I'd spray those things, just so they could come and attack me?? NO, I'm no fool. I'm sure he'll buy me something this weekend. And I'll bring it back, sit it on the table and the full can will travel home with me when I move out in three weeks. Meanwhile, I'll stick to an open window every now and then in the room, cause at least it has a screen. That and adapting Dracula ways of sitting on the balcony, not till sad is that?

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Commonwealth Stadium

I totally noticed just this morning that I forgot to say how good Little Children was. It was very eerie and kind of creeped me out in some odd way. But, I liked it. It's an extremely quick read, kind of suspenseful in that you keep turning the pages until you are at the end but not at all scary. It's that real life, suburbia creepiness. Basically unsettling my hidden fear that I'll end up home with 12 kids in the burbs. I suggest you pick it up, meanwhile I'm going to search for his other books, Election and Joe College.

Brad Pitt got a haircut, as proven by the latest US Weekly, which makes me happy to no end. Ocean's 13 starts filming this summer, Matt, George and doesn't get better than that.
I just realized this new blog hasn't been graced with the beautiful Jolie-Pitts. And while nobody but me cares, it's my damn blog. My dad gave me a chair to bring to the apartment with me. It's one of those blue, foldy ones that you get at sporting goods stores. I put it on my porch last night and sat out watching the cars pass on Alumni Drive with Commonwealth Stadium and Nutter Field House in the background. It was so gorgeous. In the two years I've lived here, I've forgotten at many times how much I used to enjoy just coming to Lexington for a day. Last night made me remember why I'm here and how much I need to sit back and enjoy the ride. Before I know it I'll be working somewhere and grown up life will begin. I think it's so hard to just live for the moment though. I'm always thinking three weeks ahead, or a year, or 20 years. But, last night...laughing with Candace on the phone, feeling the breeze that is bringing summer into Kentucky, and basking in the glow of the spotlights on the football field I realized I need to enjoy more moments like that.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Woe is Me
So, Daytona still appears to be on. I'm having a little trouble deciding on a place to stay. I like for the price to be right, but I don't want to stay in a roach motel either. I know at some point I claimed to not care where we stayed as long as I was at the freakin' beach. But, let's not kid ourselves, I'm picky and I don't like trashiness. So...I'm checking and double checking places. I'll find one that looks good on their website and then I'll search it on and find out it's a dump, or it's closing after summer, or the hurricane virtually destroyed it. Some are amazing, but then they don't accept the dog. Cause that's right, the damn dog is coming with us. Not the big one, but the chihuahua. My brain hurts just thinking of the prospect of looking it all up. I'm just not sure anymore.

Monday, April 10, 2006
The Beach, The Beach
I had the most relaxing weekend I've had in a long time. Saturday we went grocery shopping and then came home and watched Bewitched on DVD and ate snacks all day. Sunday I went no where at all. It's so nice sometimes to just sit around the house. We planned our vacation...finally. We sat down with the computer and searched and decided. In the last two months the vacation spots have gone from St. Augustine, Tampa, St.Pete Beach, Clearwater, Pensacola, Panama City Beach, and Gulf Shores. In a twist of fate, and to everyone's surprise we decided on a place that has never even been on the radar. We are going to Daytona Beach, Florida. I'm so excited. We leave in roughly 6 weeks. More to come later. For some reason, I'm inclined to study this morning.

Thursday, April 06, 2006
The Merits of TV
So I'm reading a book, not of course the one I should be reading for history. Instead, one that I've had since Christmas and not read. It's this:
It's one of those eerie books about life in Suburbia after having such wonderful and crazy life plans in college. The idea generally freaks me out. But, so far this book is amazing. One page goes into detail what this stay at home mom does all day and I'm trying to remember if me and my mom did that much in a day. She quit staying home with me when I was seven. But, most of the memories I could drudge up were eating salads or chicken noodle soup while watching PBS, Little House on the Prairie or The Young and the Restless. I can recall playing in closets and cabinets in little nests that she made for me, playing with dolls occasionally and cutting my dog's hair. We most definately didn't fingerpaint, get up at 6am, nap twice a day, watch TV for only a half hour or go for brisk walks. At least, I don't think we did. I'm so going to call and confirm this. Maybe even impose a little mommy guilt on her.

I have realized my parents utilized the TV as much as possible in their parenting skills. We watched tons of movies, lots of PBS, and the news. And, they raised two really good kids. Neither of us has ever, ever gotten into trouble. Then again, both of us never had cable so occasionally we had to watch educational public know...when a Roseanne marathon wasn't on and it wasn't yet time for The Guiding Light.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Here's A Story of a Lovely Lady
Here is the deal. I had this blog last year. Started roughly around the time I ended my Xanga. Quit around Christmas. I hated the way blogger looked and I didn't take the time to figure out how to fix it and make it pretty. But, with me refusing to pay money per month for cute blogs...I'm back. With a vengence one might say. The template may still change, the links don't work yet and there isn't a whole lot to read. All in due time though. Good things come to those who wait. Remember that one. Say I told you so. More to come soon. Leave me one and let me know you were here!

One Sentence
Got the idea from AfrIndie Mum. Here’s the deal: Write one sentence for every year of your life so far. Here’s mine:

1. I was born at Humana Southwest to my parents who were 24 and 28, moved to their rented house in Fairdale down the road from my mom’s parents.
2. Moved to Mount Washington on my 2nd birthday to a brand new, never, ever lived in starter house.
3. Spent my days watching PBS with my stay at home Madre.
4. Got my first dog, a toy poodle named Christina, I was obsessed with any Chris type names that year.
5. Started Kindergarten at Old Mill Elementary with Ms. Hammond as my teacher.
6. Wrote a little story that won the Young Authors Award, it was about a trip to Pineville, Ky. when my Great-Grandmother died.(imagine that, me win with a story about death)
7. Got my first cavity and filling that year, still can’t stand the dentist, and out goes my dream of perfect teeth and my mother went back to work.
8. Got a brand spanking new baby brother named Jonathan and finally knew I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life as an only child and it provided a story for my next Young Authors Award win.
9. My dad became disabled, mom worked more and me and Jon spent our nights at Mount Washington Elementary watching Mom clean.
10. I won Young Authors again, this time for a collection of poetry.
11. I lost my Grandpa that year to a mass of various illnesses, he spent 84 nights in the hospital…its the first real death of a grandparent I’ve had to deal with.
12. Became obsessed with Kentucky basketball as I started middle school and wouldn’t let anyone but my parents know for 2 years.
13. Spent the year with Krystal refusing to utter the word 13 and me thinking I was grown up.
14. Went to my first UK basketball game at Rupp Arena and pretty much decided I was going to UK.
15. My dad had a massive heart attack that almost claimed his life, I had never been that scared…ever.
16. Got my license after one failed driver’s test, my first car is an ‘89 toyota corolla.
17. Started on the staff at Livewire which changed my life in many ways and reaffirmed my journalism dreams.
18. Lost my Grandma to cancer, graduated high school, made a sucky new group of friends that I thought I liked, became infatuated with a boy who could never like me, and suffered from no car woes, college pressures, and lack of money.
19. Finally found peace in life with a better and smaller group of friends, a car, some moolah and a trip to the beach.
20. Just started it last month.

My 100 Things
1. I’m the oldest child
2. I was born in Louisville
3. My dad is disabled
4. My mom went back to school when I was in 9th grade
5. I love journalism
6. My favorite TV show as a kid was Full House
7. I had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas
8. I got my first CD player in the 5th grade
9. My first CD was Shania Twain
10. I still own that CD
11. I’m the middle grandchild on my mom’s side
12. My cousins are all way older than me or way younger
13. I’ve only been in 7 states
14. I want to go to Greece someday
15. I have no desire to travel to Australia
16. I’d really like to adopt someday internationally
17. I’ve wanted to go to UK since the 7th grade
18. I never knew my dad’s father
19. He was from New York City
20. I used to be obsessed with the Spice Girls
21. My favorite was Scary Spice
22. I never got in trouble in school, not even my name on the board
23. I pop my toes all the time
24. My knees can pop on demand
25. I hate to have the palm of my hand touched
26. My favorite color is pink
27. I love fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy
28. Vinegar is amazing, I put it on a lot of stuff or drink it plain
29. Lemons are my favorite fruit
30. In case you can’t tell, I love sour things
31. Ham sandwiches must have sour cream and onion chips on them
32. I used to be obsessed with Princess Diana
33. I’ve been to 21 funerals
34. I loved my first car even though it was old
35. I love my new car even more
36. If my Dad won the lottery he’d buy me a BMW
37. There are three streets in Bell County named after my mom’s side of the family
38. I once owned chickens, in a subdivision
39. I’ve never gone camping, nor do I want to
40. We always had a pool when I was growing up
41. I used to love the Backstreet Boys
42. I also loved Puff Daddy
43. I failed my first driver’s test
44. My mom calls me Lucy or Victoria a lot
45. Krystal gave me the nickname Apsies
46. My favorite season is summer
47. My first real job was at Mt. Washington Middle School
48. One of my first memories is of sitting in a funeral home with my Grandpa
49. I have an extra bone in each of my feet
50. I had really bad pneumonia once when I was little
60. I used to really want to be a doctor
61. I’ve had to get my ears pierced and re-pierced 3 different times
62. I loved to play with Barbies
63. I had all of the 90210 dolls
64. When I was in 3rd grade I decided I was too old for dolls
65. I never played with them again
66. I love to swing
67. My first babysitting job other than my brother was Dylan and Summer
68. My favorite flowers are carnations
69. I’m a Pisces, by Mamaw loves that about me
70. I’ve only worn flip flops for a few years now, before that I hated them
71. I owned several pairs of Jelly sandals
72. I’ve read more than 100 Babysitter’s Club books
73. My favorite book is Walk Two Moons
74. I was and still am a really good reader
75. I started wearing glasses in 5th grade
76. I’ve never tried contacts
77. I daydream…a lot
78. My favorite movie used to be The Wizard of Oz
79. I hate scary movies and rarely watch them
80. I don’t really like action films either
81. I used to hate Brad Pitt
82. I stopped watching ER when George Clooney left
83. I did really well in high school Spanish but can’t tell you a word of it now
84. I was 19 the first time I saw the ocean
85. My favorite teacher in elementary school was Mrs. Schroering
86. My favorite teacher in middle was Mr. Stodghill and Mrs. Shive
87. Mr. Steinmetz was my favorite in high school
88. I used to post at a Kentucky basketball fans online forum when I was in middle school
89. My name there was kcats34
90. I don’t plan on changing my last name if I get married
91. I’d like to live in the Highlands some day
92. My favorite place to eat is Qdoba
93. I love hanging out in bookstores
94. I collect newspapers of important stories
95. My parents have all the newspapers from the day I was born
96. My dad lost my first birth certificate
97. If I ever have two little girls I’m naming them Kennedy and Presley
98. I love to walk while listening to music
99. I love my feet but I think they’re ugly
100. I was in 3rd grade the first time I ever saw a movie in a theatre, it was The Lion King