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Friday, June 22, 2007
The Bitch
So within the past year or so I've had two wisdom teeth come in. I've kind of just let them do their thing for a number of reasons. I'm a poor college student, I have a fear of needles, I have a fear of pain, I don't enjoy going to the dentist...did I mention I'm poor?

So I let them come in. I mean really, what harm?

Wisdom Tooth #1 makes it way in sometime early last year. It had more than enough room in the back of my mouth. Nothing shifted. Nothing came in at some godforsaken angle. It hurt for approximately 2 days during which I shoved a bunch of orajel back there and hoped for the best.

It was honestly no big deal.

Wisdom Tooth #2 started breaking around 6 months ago. I feared this one would be trouble.
There was no room in the back of my mouth for it. It made me dream of dollar signs and cobwebs in my bank account. But through some stroke of luck, as it then seemed, the damn thing came in with none of the pain I'd associated with #1. Again I figured...why worry. I'd just get them removed when I had the funds so that all the horrible things they say happen because of wisdom teeth wouldn't eventually occur.

Once again. No big deal.

But guess what? #2 is a bitch. #2 is the wisdom tooth from hell intent upon destroying life as I know it. #2 has decided to develop an infection in the gum surrounding it because it didn't break through completely and it has, as I mentioned, ZERO space in the back of my mouth.
I have spent the past week in misery because of #2-The Bitch. I've not enjoyed food for a week. I can't even eat ice cream because it hurts so bad. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I ENJOY ICE CREAM. Ahh...the travesty of it all.

Dad won't even share his vicodin with me. Something about a broken morphine pump and nerve damage and severe spinal stenosis. Whatever. This is me, rolling my eyes.

And so now, all because I wanted to save a few dollars when I had money in the bank to have it done months ago, I have get my parents to pay for a tooth extraction. Not just extraction. Freaking surgical removal because wisdom teeth are BITCHES.

But first I have to take a week's worth of some of the strongest antibiotics I've ever taken in my life. Because #2-The Bitch has ravaged my mouth into a warzone of bacteria and pain.

I'm so tired. I'd like to enjoy food again. And by God, when they extract The Bitch I'd better get some pain medication in return.


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