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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Taking Care of Dad, that's it
What have I been doing.

Hmm. Well, planting things in our flowerbeds with my mom.

Taking photos of Jon.

Getting fun free things sent to me from because of the promotion that came with my camera.

Talking about traveling.

Wishing I was traveling right now.

Taking my Dad to doctor's appointments and MRIs and such at Frazier Rehab.

Worrying about his impending surgery(ies).

Worrying about what that/those surgery(ies) will end up being for.

Stressing about the fact that most of his back problems are most likely hereditary issues and since Jon got Mom's migraines and I have back issues already, I'm assuming I could end up with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis too.

Blowing bubbles, because it's fun and no, I'm not 4.

Planning a 4th of July Party. Like the one's we used to have in the old neighborhood.

Wishing we didn't live next to religious zealots.

Laughing at the celebrity baby boom from yesterday and sad that Tiger and Elin didn't come up with a more interesting name for their little girl than SAM. Ugh.

Reading the report that Isaac Newton claimed the world would not end before 2060: link

Watched the Faith Forum on CNN with the Democratic candidates.

Became really happy with the news of Hillary's lead yesterday.

Dr. Beach released his 2007 Top Ten Beaches list and for the first time a Florida or Hawaii beach didn't make #1, instead it was Okracoke Island in North Carolina.

Researched places to stay in Okracoke Island.

Watched the Daytime Emmy Awards. Delighted that mah stories won. (Guiding Light, Young and the Restless)

Ate at Sub Station II, the best sub place in Louisville in my opinion. It's on Fern Valley Road, you should all go eat there.

And sat down to write this. For very little reason at all.

I felt an update was in order. Consider this it.


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