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Sunday, May 14, 2006
ACCENT: I'm from Kentucky. However, the Louisville area works really hard on not having too much of an accent, so therefore I have that flat midwestern accent heard on the News everywhere. As a journalism major...this is a good thing.
BIBLE BOOK: I like John
DOG OR CAT: I really can't pick one, I love them equally.
FAVORITE PERFUME: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
GOLD OR SILVER: silver, I don't like gold
HANDBAG THAT I CARRY MOST OFTEN: lately it's my Sak bag
INSOMNIA: sometimes
JOB TITLE: student
KIDS: I want some in the very far away future
LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: moved back home for the summer just last week, it's good to be back with mom and dad
NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: cutting my poodle's hair
OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: never for myself since birth but: a few nights with my Grandpa when he was dying, bunches of nights with Dad for any number of his heart attacks, and one night the whole family stayed on a "death watch" for my Uncle who was coming off of a lot of drugs and alcohol and his system was shutting down. He survived, but has since relapsed.
PHOBIAS: having the palm of my hand touched.
QUOTE: "It's not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can't talk about it and I can't talk about why." Rusty Ryan from Ocean's 12
RELIGION: Christian
SIBLINGS: one 11 year old brother
UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: burp on command
WORST HABITS: popping my toes
X-RAYS: chest x-ray once, but my mom takes x-ray as part of her job!
YUMMY STUFF I COOK: my special chicken and rice
ZOO ANIMAL: Giraffes!! We fed them and got to pet them at the Zoo on Tuesday!

Cancer, Baby has lost her battle with ovarian cancer:

Further proof that cancer holds no prisoners. It doesn't care about your age, or your attitude, or just how much living you have left to do. And that just plan sucks.

Today is Mother's Day, and combined with this sad news about Cancer, Baby I can't help but be reminded of Grandma. May 1st, just two years ago, she lost her own battle with cancer. At 69, very close to 70, years of age. She had a pretty long life, not as long as it could have been but certainly longer than 33 years. She got to be a mother to four children, grandmother to 5, great-grandmother to 4. A good life by any estimation. But, this doesn't change the fact that my mother is going to be missing her own mom terribly tomorrow. That's tough. I miss my Grandma. I miss the way she smelled and the way she felt, and her back rubs were the best. I just miss her voice. If I miss her this much, how much more could my mom be missing her?

I think the answer is, a lot.

Friday, May 12, 2006
It's Two Bare Feet On The Dashboard
So, it's summertime. The end of school was fine. It ended and that is the important part. My grades were fine but definately not my best semester at UK. I don't know how I did that this year, have the best semester and my worst back to back. Eww. I just hate it. I'm currently looking for a job. Not too much fun. But, let's face it...I could use some cash. I'm leaning towards not taking a class this summer. It's just almost too much. And I don't really have the money to pay for it. My parents, with my mother like *this close* to quitting her job don't have it either. Well, as long as we continue with the plan to hit up Florida next month. I'm liking the idea of not taking it. My mom has yet to be informed but I'm waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on her. We'll see how it goes.

I've been playing with my blog design. I want something cuter, but I really have no idea how to do it on my own. I like this template though. I wanted something a bit darker and bigger print because it's easier on my eyes. I'm just glad I managed to get my flickr badge and my blogroll on here. Major accomplishment.

I have decided that I want to be a writer though. I used to be more set on it. Won a lot of awards for writing in elementary school and did some good stuff in middle school. Then I sort of gave it up in high school. I want to get back into that world. I'm throwing around novel ideas. Perhaps I'll start something this summer. I am also leaning more towards print journalism than broadcast. This is huge!! Something I'm sure many people have seen coming for a very long time. But, please don't tell me you did and act surprised anyway. I really want to be a travel writer. Have a newspaper publication pay me to travel and write about it. That would be so awesome! I think this is an interesting corner to be turning but I'm excited at the prospect of it all!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
I wish I could get more creative with this title, but I can't right now
Here I am again. Avoiding studying. I know I keep saying that. And I also am aware that many of you will think I'm exaggerating. But, unfortch...I'm not. I basically have to teach myself three weeks of logic because I didn't go to class very much. Now, before you point your finger. This professor of mine doesn't teach. He goes over the homework, which isn't even required, and we just have to watch a CD Rom for every section of our book. Therefore I decided to lump all the CD Rom watching and practice until the day before the exam. I only want a C in this class and I can get a 50% on this exam and still get that with some room to grow. I keep alternating between fear and apathy when it comes to this test.
In all honesty. I just want to be home. I'm tired. It's been a very long semester. I wasn't ready for Christmas Break to end and I've carried that feeling through an entire semester. I never got into my classes the way I usually do. It sucked in a nutshell. Now, all that stands between me and a summer vacation is three exams. I HATE FINALS.
I also hate that it appears my roomie's boyfriend is living with us this week. I could go on about why I hate it but I think it is best said in this sentence: I hate my roommate. End of story. Thank God, after Thursday I will never see her again. Isn't that strange? I lived with someone since February and yet we have zero bond. I could count on my fingers the number of conversations we've had. Having a bad roommate is a major source of my problems this semester. It makes being here uncomfortable.
I am looking for a job. The one thing I'm not looking foward to doing this summer. There are two things in this life that I don't do: math and menial jobs. I get to do both this summer. Math @ JCC. Some random job somewhere. If you have any ideas, that don't involve fast food, send them my way. Office work is nice. I can answer phones like a pro. One of the doctors in mom's office offered me a job a couple weeks ago but Mom hates the idea of me working there. Kind of sucks because it would be easy, the pay would be good, and I'd get to dress up everyday. But, perhaps another office around there would want me.
Then there is Florida. Treasure Island in June. It's in the whole Tampa/St. Petersburg region of Florida. I think it will be fun.