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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Making the Most of a Heatwave
I made the best chicken and dumplings last night. They were simply amazing. I think it is clear that I have inherited my grandfather's nack for dumplings. Something my mother just cannot do. I was so happy with myself. This was about my third time in on the dumpling train. My first with homemade dumplings (not a can of biscuits). Out of the park. Our neighbors, in awe of my cooking expertise this summer, have been asking why I'm not becoming a chef. Haha. If only I had that particular desire!

In other news, we are in day three of heat advisory. The heatwave finally hit my area and it doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon. I've been trying to stick to the air conditioning. But, man it even gets warm in here sometimes. Especially with my huge bedroom window. Stifling is the only word I think can do this heat some justice. Eeek.

I have been taking this as an opportunity to enjoy some reading. In the past four days or so I've managed three novels. They were so good. Fun and flirty summer romance reads. I'm trying to enjoy this before fall hits and I'm stuck with the English Lit choices for my classes!


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