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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Three Weeks and Four Days
I know that by now everyone must be sick of me talking about my vacations. I realize this. But when you lead the boring life that I do you tend to latch onto any excitement that you can.
But, you see...I love to travel. LOVE. And before a few years ago all of my traveling involved someone dying, or going to visit the graves of people who were dead. With all of Dad's various medical ailments, Mom going back to school and such, and my parents having a baby during the midst of all that we never had the resources to take vacations. Unless....someone kicked the bucket. Sad? Yes. But so true.

Before our first family vacation three years ago, my brother thought hospitals were fun places to be. And why not think that? Cable television (which we never used to have), beds that move, cafeterias and gift shops. Baptist East has a park behind it, Audubon is close to the Zoo, Jewish has great views.

And so you can see how thrilling it is for us to go on these trips. So if you'll excuse me for getting giddy about this trip that's in three weeks I'd appreciate it.

In the meantime I'm making a list of things I want pictures of. Does anyone else do that?
It never fails that any trip I go on (even the ones involving death) I also seem to forget pictures I wanted to save for posterity. I always seem to come home and get disappointed that I didn't take enough, or forgot to take a picture of something important. For example, last year I didn't get a picture of the roach motel we stayed at for approximately 2.5 hours. I was so angry and worried at that time that I didn't care to have a picture of it. Now, I tell the story of that trip and in between all the laughing (trust me, it's a good story) people ask if I have a picture. AND I DON'T. Obviously, it pisses me off.

So this year. A list. Cause I'm OCD like that. Give me ideas if you'd like. I'll be sure to post it as soon as I have it compiled, because I just know you're all sitting with bated breath waiting to see it.

And to back up my claim that all our travels involved death, here we are two years ago at my grandparents grave in Pineville, Kentucky. Please ignore the crappiness of the picture because A) I didn't have mah camera then and B) It doesn't really matter to prove my point.
We had a picnic at the cemetery. Pine Lawn is the name if you're interested. I don't think reservations are required. Cumberland Falls isn't too far away so we caught the moonbow later that night. It's a trip to consider.


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