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Thursday, April 26, 2007
6 More Weird Things
I've once again been tagged for this one. Since I've done it before it's even more difficult to come up with six weird things about myself. But, I think I managed.

popcorn: I love burnt popcorn. Not scorched, or blackened but an extra 30 seconds in the microwave makes it just charred enough on the inside to be delicious.

daydream: I daydream a lot, but about plots of novels I hope to one day write. I'll sit around (anywhere and anytime) and think of characters, stories, settings...etc.

camping: I'm sure plenty of people share this one with me, but around here I've always gotten funny looks when I admit it. I've never gone camping. Ever. I'm pretty sure I don't want to either.

mississippi: I have a desire to see the Mississippi River and bring home a jar of Mississippi Mud. I have no idea why, but it's been on my mind since I was a little kid.

greece: I feel a strong connection to Greece. Like something major in my future is somehow connected to Greece. I used to think I'd marry a Greek...who knows. I did know this guy once who was of Greek heritage and his name was Nick (go figure), but he was Republican so it never would have worked out. At any rate, I really hope to visit there someday and figure it all out.
tonsils: I have abnormally large ones. Everytime I've ever had a doctor look at them for the first time they are ALWAYS shocked. I probably shouldn't be able to swallow, but somehow I can. And no, nobody has ever suggested removing them and I've only had strep throat once. It has, however, cost me tons of unnecessary strep tests.

Tagging anyone who is willing to tell us six more weird things about themselves.


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